Rapid Transit Car Procurement

New York City Transit

New York, NY, USA

The metro network in New York City is the largest in North America and among the top ten in the world. For the past twenty years we have assisted New York City Transit (NYCT) with the replacement of a major portion of their rapid transit car fleet. Through seven overlapping procurement contracts, this has accounted for a total of 3,950 vehicles.

Core responsibilities have included: development of technical specifications and commercial terms, assistance in tender evaluations and negotiations, design review, systems integration, production and testing oversight, and commissioning services.

Clear technical specifications, an unwavering focus on systems integration during the design phase, and effective production oversight – all hallmarks of our time-proven approach – have resulted in these new fleets exceeding and sustaining contractual reliability requirements. This has aided NYCT in achieving record fleet reliability numbers overall.

As part of our services, we also provide ongoing technical support to maintenance staff and prepare technical education and training programs for NYCT’s engineers and shop personnel to aid them in transitioning to a high-tech fleet making extensive use of power electronics, microprocessor controls and digital data networks, and incorporating extensive diagnostics and monitoring capabilities.
We continue to provide life cycle services for the older fleet including life extension studies, structural repair and upgrade design, and integration of enhanced systems.