MAX Light Rail Vehicle and Systems Engineering

Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District

Portland, OR, USA

No agency is better equipped to assess our engineering skills than TriMet. Working under contract since 1977, and across seven major projects, our team has helped TriMet create a 96 km, 94 station light rail system that has earned international acclaim.

These projects include:

  • Banfield Corridor (24.1km) in service in 1986
  • Westside Corridor (19km) in service in 1997
  • Hillsboro Extension (10km) in service in 1997
  • Airport Extension (8.9km) in service in 2001
  • Interstate Extension (9.3km) in service in 2004
  • I-205/Mall Extension (13.4km) in service in 2009
  • Milwaukie Extension (11.7km) in service in 2015

In addition, we helped the agency inaugurate service on a 24 km regional rail line using self-propelled diesel multiple unit (DMU) rolling stock.

Throughout this period, our team has served as TriMet’s consultant for vehicle and systems engineering. This level of continuous client service is rare, and it is a clear testimony to our long-standing relationship and the quality of our work.

In each of these projects we have provided conceptual, preliminary and final design, procurement specifications, and construction oversight of systems (traction power, signals, communications, system-wide electrical) and procurement specifications, design review, and manufacturing and testing oversight for rail vehicles. We participated in five procurement contracts accounting for TriMet’s entire fleet of 145 LRVs, including the first low-floor rail cars in North America.

Our team also provided the industrial design of TriMet’s Ruby Junction and Elmonica vehicle maintenance facilities and prepared specifications for specialty shop equipment. Ruby Junction has been expanded and upgraded five times as the light rail system has grown.

Given our team’s intimate knowledge of TriMet’s systems infrastructure and rolling stock, in addition to work on major projects, we have been repeatedly selected to serve on panels to provide ongoing technical support to maintenance staff and assist with equipment upgrades.