Mandurah Line (Southern Suburbs Railway)

Perth, WA

The $1.66 billion new MetroRail project is the largest public transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in Western Australia and has effectively doubled Perth’s metropolitan rail network. The centrepiece of the project was the Mandurah line from Perth to Mandurah. The Mandurah line comprises 72 route kilometres of double track railway, 11 stations, 774 metres of twin tunnels under the Perth CBD, 20 bridges and structures, significant road and civil works, a 25kV overhead wiring system and two electrical substations.

During the construction phase, our team was engaged by RaiLink JV to provide expert advice and assistance in relation to the station SCADA monitoring and control systems. RaiLink JV was responsible for construction of the double rail line and traction power, signalling and communications systems between Perth and Mandurah.

The twin tunnels and associated monitoring and control systems were constructed under a separate package. The Public Transport Authority required an interface to be developed between the Tunnel Control and operator interface systems which were provided under RaiLink JV’s scope. This interface was contractually and technically complex involving over 8,000 points and requiring joint co-ordination and commissioning efforts between contractors.

Our team undertook a review of contract documentation, design information provided by subcontractors and assisted with progressing the design of the interface between the Station SCADA and Tunnel Control Systems.

After providing initial advice and assistance to RaiLink JV, we were subsequently engaged by one of the subcontractors to undertake an independent review of the detailed design documentation prepared for the systems interface.