After a career at NDY spanning more than 35 years, Dennis O’Brien has also achieved another milestone: the first non-LTK employee to be officially celebrated on the firm’s ‘wall of fame’.

In recognition of O’Brien’s key role in the creation of NDYLTK Rail, and in the ongoing success of the joint venture, LTK Engineering Services broke with their own long established tradition and unveiled a photograph of Dennis, on their company wall of fame in their Ambler offices in Philadelphia.

The special presentation was made by LTK Engineering Services President George Dorshimer to Dennis in front of a number of LTK staff, Board Directors, NDY CEO Stuart Fowler and NDY CFO & NDYLTK Board Member Kristian Mertens.

“We break with tradition to recognise Dennis as conceiver and founder of NDYLTK Rail – the person that made it (the joint venture) happen,” said Dorshimer. “NDYLTK Rail would not have happened if it wasn’t for Dennis’ idea and initiative… and for his persistence in fighting through barriers put before him.”

Dorshimer said the wall of fame is an important keepsake to future generations of LTK people to remember the history and founding of the firm and of the NDYLTK Rail partnership.

The collection includes images of 15 retired members of LTK Engineering Services who have played a significant role in the firm over its 93 year history. The photo of Dennis is the first of a non-LTK employee.

“I must say a very warm thank you and well done to Dennis O’Brien for his inspirational work in founding NDYLTK, and for his ongoing role serving as an NDYLTK Board member” said NDY CEO and incoming NDYLTK Board member Stuart Fowler. “I would also like to thank our partners at LTK Engineering Services for their very generous acknowledgment of Dennis for his founding work – they were incredibly warm and gracious hosts.”

“The NDYLTK joint venture is a wonderful vehicle for our two great companies to achieve significant things in the Australian rail sector, and I am pleased that the Philadelphia visit provided me with an opportunity to more closely understand the LTK business, and to work together with our LTK partners on strategies to take our NDYLTK joint venture from strength to strength,” added Fowler.

O’Brien said he was very flattered by the recognition and praised others along the way who have put in the hard work to made the joint venture flourish. “LTK has been a great firm to deal with and have put in a tremendous effort to make the new entity work…I’m very humbled by this recognition.”

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