NDYLTK Rail is pleased to announce the addition of Ron Bennell as Group Manager, Overhead Traction Wiring to the Brisbane office.

Ron’s 38 years of rail experience includes positions as a Technical Officer and Overhead Traction System Designer with Queensland Rail in Australia. He was a key contributor on a number of major electrification projects as design project coordinator, designer and inspector. Ron also spent nine years in various positions with Victorian Railways.

Ron is returning to Australia after an extended assignment in the USA with parent company LTK Engineering Services, where he managed the Overhead Traction Wiring design for 750Vdc light rail and 25kVac commuter rail systems in Denver, Colorado. During this time he also contributed to the construction of the West Corridor, a major expansion of Denver RTD’s light rail system.

Ron hopes to join other senior Overhead Traction Wiring designers in Australia in formally passing on knowledge of worldwide systems to the next generation of designers.

“I am looking forward to returning to Australia where I see opportunities to combine my previous experience in Queensland and Victoria with newer experiences obtained working on rail projects in the USA.

“My position at NDYLTK will enable me to draw on the best of both Australian and North American practices and personnel, to the ultimate benefit of our clients”.

NDYLTK Managing Director Dominic DiBrito has previously worked with Ron in the USA and believes he is a natural fit for NDYLTK.

“Ron’s previous experience with QR has already been put to use on current NDYLTK projects here in Queensland, and with light rail and tram projects planned for every major city in Australia, his US light rail experience is equally valuable.  I couldn’t think of a better person to run our Overhead Traction Wiring group in Australia”.

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